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Jessica Ripple expects to have her bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Pathology from Cleveland State University and she plans to continue on to get a master’s degree in the same field.

But Ripple, an employee of the Independence Panera Bread Restaurant, has no plans to leave Panera Bread. She is already an assistant manager and is eager to explore other possibilities in the company.

She began working at the store in 2008 when she was a sophomore in high school. “It was my first job and I love getting to know everyone here, my co-workers and our customers.”

She said she loves all of the relationships she has developed.

“Everyone here is like my family.” – Jessica Ripple

“I’m a people person and am outgoing,” she said.

In her years at Panera, she said she has learned accountability and responsibility and also helps others also learn to master these two and other values.

She said the customers give her so much, especially her regulars.

“I have this couple in their 80s who hug me and kiss me,” she said. “They order a pecan roll and coffee.”

She said there are many others.

She said she loves a customer named Jeff who is a pharmacy representative. “He loves the people here and I love the children,” she said.

In addition to the customers and the excellent training she said she receives, she also appreciates Panera Bread because of its strong commitment to helping others.

At each register, there is a donation box. She said the current charity is an organization that helps veterans get resettled after their time in the service.

“There are so many things I love about working here,” she said. “There are so many people who have been with the company longer than I have and that says a lot too.”

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